Gay Marriage Around the World: Statistics, Prejudices and Solutions

same_sexInstitute of Civil partnership cannot replace the marriage, but it can be a solution to the issue with same-sex couples. However, one should remember that the rights of such persons aren’t fully protected by law, says the lawyer Brian Schwarz.

Speaking about the situation of homosexuals in society the researchers like to refer to ancient Greece and Rome, but same-sex relationships were practiced in ancient China, Egypt and Mesopotamia. In Europe, the situation has changed with the advent of Christianity, but in medieval Japan the tradition of brotherly love quite flourished among the samurai, and even in the monasteries. read more

Our Westminster launch – Tuesday 4th December

On Tuesday 4th December we’re holding the Westminster launch of Labour for Democracy. The launch will be in Room 17 in the House of Commons between 6-7pm (Please note the new venue from the one previously advertised).

The speakers at our launch will include:

  • John Denham MP – Former Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet member, and President of the Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform.
  • Vernon Bogdanor – Research Professor at the Institute of Contemporary History, King’s College London
  • Jessica Asato – Vice-Chair of the Electoral Reform Society and former Director of the Labour Yes Campaign
  • Baroness Ruth Lister of Burtersett – Professor Social Policy at Loughborough University
    Neal Lawson – Chair of Compass
  • Andrew Harrop – General Secretary of the Fabian Society
  • Jess Garland – Policy and Research Officer, Electoral Reform Society
  • Paul Blomfield MP – Chair of Labour for Democracy
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    New posts about Labour for Democracy

    Ahead of yesterday’s launch our Chair, Paul Blomfield MP, wrote a short piece for The Independent on how Labour’s history has often been of working with others for progressive goals.

    Steve Van Riel also wrote a very thoughtful piece on “Leveson, Labour for Democracy and Lib-Lab co-operation” for The Centre Ground.

    If you’ve got any comments on either piece, or if you would like to be kept in touch with Labour for Democracy, then please do get in touch with u

    Labour must not turn its back on pluralism – John Denham’s article for the New Statesman

    In an article for the New Statesman website John Denham, one of Labour for Democracy’s founding supporters, has called on Labour not to turn it’s back on pluralism. In the article John says:

    “This isn’t the easiest time to make the pluralist case. The Lib Dems’ governmental and electoral performance is hardly encouraging, and has revealed a culture at times as sectarian as anything Labour has to offer. Meanwhile, Labour is doing well, and, of course, every party activist will work as hard as they can for every Labour vote. It is tempting to see pluralism as a sign of weakness, a lack of confidence; even an unwanted attempt to give Nick Clegg a permanent and undeserved place in government. read more